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9-Bar Twenty-Six.01 - The Superautomatic Espresso Machine

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9-Bar Twenty-Six.01 - The Superautomatic Espresso Machine

It's just gone 6:00 am, you're up and prepping your morning coffee routine - measuring your coffee beans, grinding and then brewing…hmm what will it be this morning? Are you in the mood for a double espresso, or maybe a creamy latte? You are a coffee champion, my friend.

Just down the hall, in your neighbour's apartment, mornings aren't quite as smooth…late night, no time for coffee prep, no time for anything but a quick shower…your neighbour is soooo not a morning person, but don't they deserve to start their day with a premium coffee experience?

Some days we're just like you…some days, but most days we're more like your neighbour. That's why when we discovered the absolute joy of a Superautomatic espresso machine, the angels sang, the sun shone brighter…and mornings did not suck quite so much. Our new love in the Superautomatic category is the 9-Bar Twenty-Six.01 and here's why we fell for this beauty: Fast, easy programming, lots of coffee choices and auto cleaning!

We're pretty proud to be the sole importer of the Twenty-Six.01 in North America, and with its sleek black profile, it looks as good as it performs. If you've got a household of coffee drinkers, the Twenty-Six.01's dual thermo block heating system means the hot water is always there for back to back coffees.

You'll appreciate the digital graphics up front for choosing an espresso, cappuccino, latte or americano – it's one of the few home machines that include an americano feature, as well as a hot water option - perfect for tea time.

In a matter of minutes the water heats up, your beans of choice are ground and your coffee is brewed, couldn't be any simpler than that. For a late-night decaf, the Twenty-Six.01 has a separate hopper for brewing ground coffee. At the end of the day, the auto-cleaning feature takes care of the brew unit and milk hose at the press of a button.

We're pretty pumped about the 9-Bar Twenty-Six.01 at Espressotec, so much so that we've also imported all the parts and add-ons in order to offer a three year parts and labour warranty. Come in for a demonstration, and we'll brew you some of our 9-Bar espresso Italia coffee beans.

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