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Awesome Travel Coffee Kits

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Awesome Travel Coffee Kits

We're all itching to go somewhere right now, but with non-essential travel restrictions in place, travel plans are on hold. Day trips within your region to parks, hiking trails and beaches are encouraged by health authorities. So, whether you've got a day in the great outdoors planned or a wilderness trip on your wish list down the road, there's no need to sacrifice coffee quality on your getaway.

The Basics: What and Why

Here's the good news; your travel coffee kit isn't going to break the bank! There's a variety of packable options at great price points to suit solo hikes or group camping trips. If space is at a premium, leave the kettle at home and boil your water in a pot; we're assuming you'll be taking a portable camp stove, or even an isobutane single burner unit - super light for backpacking trips

Portable Coffee Gear Options

Probably best known by traveling coffee fans is the AeroPress immersion system; it's simple and fast for a single cup of coffee. Recently added to the line is the more compact AeroPress Go; it comes with a mug that doubles as a carrying case. For family and group trips, you'll want to brew up more than one cup at a time and the tried and true French Press functions much like the AeroPress. Bonus here is the French Press only has two parts; the plunger and the carafe. Java Gear has a sturdy stainless steel press that travels well. Some other petite immersion brewers designed specifically for traveling include the Cafflano Kompact coffee press, and the Java Gear portable coffee maker.

What else does a coffee travel kit contain?

The Grinder

There's just one more piece of gear to add for great coffee in the great outdoors - a compact hand grinder. You could pre-grind your beans, but a compact grinder like the Java Gear stainless steel model is about as slim as they come. You'll want a fine grind for the AeroPress, and a coarse grind for the French press.

The Beans

Add your favourite coffee beans to the packing list and you're all set. Day trips only, for now, and dreams of longer trips down the road. We'd love to hear about places on your wish list when we can hit the road again.

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