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How to Care for Your Espresso Machine

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How to Care for Your Espresso Machine

If you own an espresso machine, you know how important it is to maintain cleanliness. This contributes to the excellent flavour of your coffee as well as the machine's longevity. Unfortunately, when you neglect to perform the necessary routine maintenance on your espresso machine, it might result in several issues in the future. Let's look at the importance of cleaning your espresso machine and how to do it correctly.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Machine?

Coffee oils from the beans, produced when you create espresso or other coffee drinks using your machine, can remain on various parts of the machine after each use. If these oils are not consistently removed, they will accumulate over time and create various problems. For instance, if these oils build up in the group head or portafilter where the water goes through when making espresso shots, they may clog these openings and result in poor extraction - affecting both flavour and crema creation.

In addition to reducing performance, dirty machines are more prone to malfunctions due to mineral deposits accumulating inside components such as pumps or valves. These particles originate from hard water and typically appear as white powdery residue inside pipes and tubes. Over time, this build-up can completely stop the flow of water.

How to Properly Clean Your Machine

You should ideally backflush your machine on a regular basis with a special detergent made for this purpose (like Caffiza). This process pushes hot water through various pipes and tubes to flush out any leftover ground or oil residue left behind after each shot is made. Moreover, performing periodic deep cleanings using specialist tools like pipe cleaners or descaling tablets is a good idea when necessary. Doing so may help dissolve mineral deposits brought on by hard water before they cause significant issues for your machine in the future.

Cleaning an espresso machine may sound daunting at first glance but doing so regularly is essential if you want yours running smoothly for years to come! Maintaining your machine by doing regular maintenance like backflushing every day and deep cleaning once every few weeks will go a long way towards keeping it happy—and trust us, you'll taste the difference in your coffee too! So remember that cleaning your espresso machine is simple and worthwhile.

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