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Landing Kees van der Westen in Vancouver

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Landing Kees van der Westen in Vancouver

Maybe you've seen them in one or two cafes in Vancouver. Maybe you've even tasted espresso extracted from one of their iconic group heads. The experience is pretty unforgettable — custom-made just outside Amsterdam, Kees van der Westen espresso machines are the epitome of precision and panache.

That's why we're so thrilled to become a distributer and service centre for Kees van der Westen espresso machines in Western Canada! This development is excellent news if you're looking for a style and sensory show-stopper: it's never been easier to join the ranks of Google, Blue Bottle, Capgemini, and other vanguards with a custom Kees van der Westen espresso machine. There's a unique sort of satisfaction that comes with matching the unique needs of our home and commercial customers with state-of-the-art custom features on offer from the Dutch master. (Guess that's why we're coffee geeks!)

Photo credit: Kees van der Westen.

Start with one of the three primary models: the Speedster, the Mirage, or the Spirit — each of which is designed to become expressions and extensions of its patron's brand. The Speedster is a single-group nucleus of precision, power, and control, with two independent boilers and a progressive pre-infusion cylinder. The Mirage features a thermo-syphon system with unbeatable temperature stability, while the ergonomically-designed Spirit has a dedicated boiler for each group head, ideal for high-output espresso bars. The Mirage and the Spirit are available in Duette (two-group) or Triplette (three-group) models.

Photo credit: Kees van der Westen.

Then, trick the body out with any number of components to elevate the espresso-making experience. Switch in an idro-matic pre-infusion cylinder, for instance, for enhanced pressure-profiling. Or install foot-activated steam control and free up your hands. Choose between touchpad or bastone group head activation, and extend the drip tray with milk pitcher trays. There's even a lungo optimization system available for the Spirit that can be independently altered for each group.

Photo credit: Kees van der Westen.

Now for some colour. Powder-coat your powerhouse in any hue on the RAL spectrum with a gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish. Emblazon your logo or another favourite image on the glass or aluminum body panels. The rear panel of the Spirit can even be illuminated for even greater impact. Glass accents, sandblasting, engine-turned steel — the possibilities are endless! These machines are designed to catch the eye and impress the senses in equal measure.

Add to this extraordinary craftsmanship the long-term technical support and maintenance of our devoted Service Department, and you've got an unstoppable espresso phenomenon.

Interested in designing your very own Kees van der Westen espresso machine? Visit our showroom and let's get started!

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