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Brew Guide - Aeropress

From the makers of Frisbee with a hole comes the Aeropress. The ingenious Aeropress is designed for everyone, from backpacking home brewers to esteemed barista champions. It's light, affordable, versatile, and arguably the most popular travel brewer in the last two decades.

So now that we have a bit of history, let's get into the brew. We'll use our standard brew recipe, although I will include an additional recipe created by Canadian World Aeropress Champion runner up, Nick Hatch.

Nick Hatch Recipe

  1. Grind 17.5g coffee at "17" on a Baratza Virtuoso grinder
  2. Heat water to 85°C
  3. Add 50-60g of water
  4. Stir five times
  5. Allow 25 seconds of bloom
  6. Add the rest of the water in 20 seconds
  7. Press down for 60 seconds, into a chilled cup
Aeropress Supply List

Aeropress Supply List

  1. Your trusty Aeropress of course! Be sure to grab a paper filter, and the accoutrements like stirring stick, scoop, and funnel.
  2. High-quality water. Filtered tap water will work great! Careful not to use distilled water; this doesn't have the enriching minerals that will make your coffee delicious.
  3. 15g of ground coffee, about 450 microns or medium fine. This is roughly equivalent to a scoop and half using the aeropress coffee scoop.
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Filter Paper Preparation - Step 1
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Filter Paper Preparation - Step 2
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Filter Paper Preparation - Step 3

Aeropress Recipe

  1. Pre-wet the filter paper and lock it into the main cylinder. Place on top of your mug./li>
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  1. Add your 15g of coffee, or about 1 heaping scoop of ground coffee if using the Aeropress scoop.
  2. Add 30g or about two tablespoons of hot water just off the boil and agitate for the bloom.
  3. Top off the remaining 220g of hot water (may need to be done in a couple of pours) and stir to saturate.
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  1. Remove off scale and affix plunger to top, pressing down such that consistent pressure is applied throughout the press.

Enjoy Your Aeropress Coffee!

Enjoy the coffee! Also available are reusable metal filters, which can add a ton of body and mouthfeel to your brew!