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How to Drain a Boiler for Shipping

Draining an Espresso Machine Boiler for Shipping (mandatory during cold/freezing weather):

Single Boiler Home Machines (Pump): Including Gaggia / Rancilio Silvia / Saeco /Ascaso/ la Pavoni and most other home single boiler pump machines.

If your machine can brew coffee and steam at the same time please see the instructions for the Heat Exchanger machines.Draining the boiler:

• Read these instructions entirely before trying to drain your boiler. Phone us if you have any questions.

• Ensure your machine is COLD when you perform this procedure and hasn't been used for several hours! With the machine unplugged, remove the portafilter handle, drip tray and cover, water reservoir and lid and any other loose parts that might fall when the machine is turned over.

• With all buttons/switches in the off position, plug the machine in. Open up the steam valve. Now turn the machine at least on its back and preferably tilted up somewhat. Any angle from on its back to upside down will work.

• An extra person is definitely helpful for the next steps!

• Place a coffee cup or similar type container over the end of the steam wand. Angle and hold the machine so that the steam wand is over the sink and so that water pumping out of the wand is redirected by the coffee cup and runs down into the sink.

• Turn on the power switch and run the pump (usually the coffee switch, but if the machine has a hot water switch that is preferable).

• Water should now be streaming out of the steam wand and into the sink.

• Run the machine until the stream of water has dissipated (about ½ a cup of water maximum).

• Once the water has stopped, turn off the main power. The whole process should take 30 seconds to 1 minute. Do not leave the power on any longer than necessary and no longer than 1 minute in any event.

• Place the machine right side up . The boiler is now drained and ready for shipment.

• Note: The reason we turn the machine upside down or nearly upside down is that the outlet for the steam wand is at the top of the boiler, and by turning the machine upside down the water will be pumped out from the bottom until empty.

Super Automatic's Gaggia and Saeco Draining the boiler:

• Read these instructions entirely before draining your boiler. Phone us if you have any questions.

• Caution! Machine must be heated to steam temperature to fully drain the boiler. Caution: Machine and water will be at scalding temperatures!

• With the machine plugged in and the main power switch on, put your machine into steaming temperature. If you are uncertain how to complete this step, refer to the manufacture's instruction manual.

• Place a tall container that can hold 1 litre of water under the steam wand. Use a container with a handle that will not conduct heat.

• When the machine has reached steam temperature open the steam valve. Caution: Splashing hot water and/or steam can burn!

• Important: While the machine is steaming, remove the water reservoir.

• When the machine no longer emits any steam or water, close the steam valve.

• Turn off the steam button and main power switch. Your machine's boiler is now drained.

Heat Exchanger Machines Rancilio S24, S26/S27, Epoca's / Rocket Giotto & Cellini / la Scala Butterfly:

Draining the boiler:

• Read these instructions entirely before draining your boiler. Phone us if you have any questions.

• Turn the machine on and allow it to come to normal operating temperature and pressure.

• You will need 1 large (around two litre) and one smaller (around one litre) container. Place one under the brew group (remove the Portafilter handle) and one under the hot water dispenser. Make sure that both containers are solidly in place water will be scalding temperature!

• Remember, the larger container needs to be equal to or greater than the volume of your boiler.

• Remove the water intake line from the water reservoir or empty the water reservoir of water.

• Engage the pump by turning on the coffee brew button (lever on E-61 grouphead machines). Caution: Splashing hot water which can scald!!

• Run the pump until water stops flowing from the brew head. Turn off the brew button.

• Turn off the main power switch.

• Open the hot water dispensing valve and drain until water stops flowing from the hot water dispensing valve. Beware of hot water which can splash!

• Close the hot water dispensing valve.