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Free shipping on orders over $99.95 and coffee orders over $69.95 (milks, syrups & select coffees not included)
Free shipping on orders over $99.95 and coffee orders over $69.95 (milks, syrups & select coffees not included)

Our Company

Coffee Lives Here

Coffee Lives Here

We’re always on the look-out for what’s new, and in recent years there have been some impressive developments in technology and techniques. For us, it’s all about sharing what we’ve discovered with our first-time customers as well as the café owners we’ve known for years. We’re proud of the solutions we’ve come up with for corporate and office clients to keep their staff caffeinated. There’s no one-size-fits-all in our world, so we’ll spend however long it takes to find a coffee system that’s right for you.



The tec in Espressotec is our service centre; a team of experienced maintenance and repair pros. Whether it’s a warranty repair or a gasket replacement, we’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to ask us your technical questions.


Coffee & Community

We are active in the coffee community. Past events include cupping and latte art competitions, new product launches, and espresso catering. Covid has put a hold on gatherings and events…for now. When we can get back at it, we’ll be sure to send you an invite!

Barista Lab


Classes are in session! Making great espresso is both science and art. Learn how factors like the grind, dose, tamping, temperature and pressure affect espresso quality and perfect the techniques for pulling café-quality shots. Learn how to master the steaming, texturizing, and pouring techniques used by the pros to create exquisite works of coffee art.

Current course offerings are Espresso 101, Latte Art 101 and our Cafe Pro Class.

Coffee Business

The Coffee Business

When coffee is your livelihood, there’s no room for inferiority. Our partners in cafes, restaurants, hotels, and retailers have entrusted Espressotec to provide them with the top commercial espresso machines and equipment. Our commercial sales division has years of experience coordinating the logistics of shipping, installation, and training. Regular maintenance schedules with on-site appointments are a key component in keeping the business, and the coffee, flowing.

Roaster Central Tasting Bar

Roaster Central Coffee Tasting Bar

Our Tasting Bar is a great place to come and visit. One of the perks of working here is that we get to taste and hand-pick the beans from locally roasted Roasters to carry on the wall. You get to sample 3 different coffees from the blends that we carry for a small donation. Come in as many times as you like to try our different beans.

The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood

Our spacious showroom and service department are open, and there’s parking right out front. Yes, business as usual is not quite business as usual these days, but if you’re looking into all things coffee, we hope you’ll allow us to introduce you to our world.

Come in and talk coffee with us!