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Service Disclaimer

Estimated Completion Time

Espressotec will provide an estimated completion time for the service of your espresso machine or grinder, and will contact you once work is complete. While we regulate our operations as closely as possible, a number of factors (parts availability, service volume, repair complexity, etc.) can impact the accuracy of the estimate. If you would like an updated estimated completion time while your machine is with us, please call the Espressotec Service Department.

Scope of Work

Espressotec will only perform the work agreed upon when you bring your equipment in for repair. Should further work be required, we will call you first for authorization before proceeding.


Espressotec cannot accept liability for damage to machines other than where the fault is ours. All repairs require some degree of machine disassembly, which along with subsequent service may, in some cases, cause minor scratches or nicks in cosmetic components. If this happens, we will make sure that it will not affect the functionality of your machine. Marks like these are usually difficult to repair, and may indeed worsen in any attempt at restoration, so unless they will impact the future performance of the machine we prefer to let them stand. Beyond these strictly cosmetic blemishes, Espressotec cannot accept liability for damage to machines other than where the fault is ours. Should we inadvertently damage your machine, our Service Department will resolve the issue and accept liability up to the cost of repair for that specific incident.


You must own the machine(s) that you bring in for repair. An exception may be made for couriers, family members and employees representing the owner, provided they present adequate proof of identity and authorization. Espressotec will release machines only to personnel authorized for pickup with the correct claim check and a piece of ID for reference.

Accepted Items

Our Service Department only accepts coffee and espresso equipment for maintenance and repair. This includes espresso machines and grinders manufactured by the brands we are authorized to service, and any related accessories. Feel free to transport your machine in a sturdy cardboard box or its original retail packaging, but please refrain from using carry bags, bins, or other personal effects; we cannot assume responsibility for personal belongings other than the machine and its components.

Right to Refuse

Espressotec reserves the right to refuse work that we believe is beyond our capabilities or unfit for any reason.

Storage Fee/Abandonment

A storage fee of $5.00 per day will be applied to the outstanding bill for machines left in our service department for more than 30 days from the date we notified you of your service quotation or completion. Any machines left for longer than 90 days from that completion date will be considered abandoned, and we will not accept liability for any damage or claim to the abandoned property thereafter. All unpaid bills must be settled before proceeding with any future sales or service. Espressotec reserves the right to sell abandoned equipment to recover outstanding fees.

Please bring any questions or concerns to the attention of the Service Department as soon as possible.

Service Department hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM.Telephone: 604-244-7989 ext. 3Email: