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Discovery Coffee - Colombia Finca La Floresta - Light Roast (340g)

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  • Early 2020, the Discovery Coffee roastery team visited Finca La Floresta. This coffee comes to us as part of an ongoing direct trade partnership with Nohora Sepulveda de Zambrano, a 73 year-old woman and her son Edwin Zambrano Sepulveda. For this natural process coffee the Castillo and Colombia cherries were hand-selected and put in bags to ferment intact for 60 hours, after which Nohora and Edwin washed the coffee and put it out to dry on raised beds inside a parabolic dryer for 47 days.

    Today, Doña Nohora oversees production at her five-hectare finca La Floresta, which is in the vereda of La Laguna, about 45 minutes from the municipal town center. Her two sons, Edwin and Rafael, also grow coffee. They learned everything they know about coffee from their mother and their late father Rafael Sr. The son's work alongside their mother on her farm. The brothers inherited Rafael Sr's part of the finca, located right next to La Floresta, which has since then been divided into two new farms—Buenavista and Villa Sofía.

    During the main harvest, between June and July, Nohora and Edwin employ up to 25 local pickers to carry out the cherry collection at all three farms. Doña Nohora carries out the post-collection processing, while Edwin processes his own coffee, the family shares two wet-mills.

    • Origin: Columbia Finca La Floresta (Single-Origin)
    • Region: Ajeciras, Huila
    • Tasting Notes: Bubble gum, passion fruit, blackberry jam
    • Roast Level: Light
    • Farm: Edwin Zambrano Sepulveda
    • Process: Natural

    About Discovery Coffee

    Discovery hand selects their green beans from farmers worldwide and roast them in-house, at their freshest. Discovery introduces its customers to new coffees and unique brews every day by roasting in small batches and pairing beans to specific brew methods. Discovery is always finding ways to push the boundaries on what good coffee can offer, progressively educating their staff, and in turn, their customers. Discovery Coffee is excited to be an integral part of growing an already flourishing coffee scene in Victoria, BC.

  • Origin Columbia Finca La Floresta (Single-Origin)
    Region Ajeciras, Huila
    Tasting Notes Bubble gum, passion fruit, blackberry jam
    Roast Level Light
    Farm Edwin Zambrano Sepulveda
    Process Natural
    Weight 340 grams
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