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Egro One Touch Top Milk - Commercial Superautomatic Espresso Machine

by Egro
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  • Save on labour, training, COGS, and improve your bottom line. 9 Programmable drinks and unlimited 2-step drinks. The Egro Keypad Pure Coffee is a 2-step superautomatic that will save you both time and money and give you more satisfied customers!

    The Egro One Pure Coffee is incredibly simple to operate, yet the most versatile 2 step commercial superautomatic espresso machine on the market. Producing phenomenal results, it combines the latest technology with years of dedicated espresso brewing experience.

    Hourly capacity:

    250 espresso180 Coffee (Americano)250 single cappuccino150 single latte18 litres Coffee36 litres hot water50 litres of hot frothed milk


    Touchscreen Display The Egro One Touch has an advanced 5.7" full colour graphic touchscreen display. Quick access to 8 pages/48 products is intuitive; each product has it's own unique icon (customizable, too). Industrial strength touchscreen will stand up to repeated abuse! Display returns to homepage after a set number of seconds.Display provides the barista with machine status, drink queue, milk frothing temperature, serving progress and other pertinent info.

    ProgrammingPassword protected technical menu allows for complete control over all machine features including diagnostics, cleaning cycles, modifying drink recipes, creating customized beverages, and machine usage. Separate barista menu allows for cleaning programs to be initiated.

    USB portUSB port allows quick access to upload or download images, videos and programming. Upload custom screen savers and images (jpeg's) for promotional purposes. Images and training videos (Mp4) can be uploaded. Data, such as machine settings, can be downloaded and effortlessly transferred to other machines. For example, one machine can be programmed, backup file downloaded in a matter of seconds via USB thumbdrive and then e-mailed to chain locations across the country. This ensures each operator is using the exact same drink recipe parameters chainwide or nationwide!

    Automated iSteam WandThe Top Milk XP is fitted with the Rancilio patented iSteam automatic milk frothing wand. With two programmable buttons (cappuccinos and latte), the advanced iSteam system creates professional quality microfoam with no training. The iSteam is the quickest and most powerful automated steam wand on the market. Encased in a stainless-steel, heat-insulated covering and teflon tip, the iSteam is cool to the touch and cleanup a breeze. Bonus: no nightly cleaning cycle is required!

    Dual Bean Hoppers The Egro One has two bean hoppers, each holding 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg) of coffee. The Egro One also has a pre-ground inlet allowing for a 3rd pre-ground coffee if desired. Hoppers can be instantly removed for cleaning.

    Drink ProgrammingThe Touchscreen XP model allows up to 48 programmed drinks over 8 pages if desired. Drinks can be organized by drink size (eg. 16 oz drinks), groups (eg. lattes, decafs, favourites) or any intuitive way the operator wishes. Every drink can be custom formulated including amount of coffee to use, tamp pressure, drink temperature, amount of milk froth, size etc. Pages can be customized in any manner including unique colours. 131 built-in drink icons or upload your own!

    Drink RecipesThe true strength of the Top Milk XP lies in the nearly unlimited drink menu that can be prepared in 1 step. Espresso, Ristretto, Americano, pots of coffee, regular or decaf, singles or doubles. Every size of Latte, Cappuccino, regular or decaf, any level of foam desired. Different hot water temperatures for different types of teas (4-tea). Milk on Demand feature allows free pours of foamed or heated milk. Iced lattes can even be served up(iced milk icons are already built-in). Up to 48 different 1 step drinks can be prepared if desired.

    Top-Milk FridgeThe Milk Fridge is a robust 6.5 litre milk fridge, and can hold a 1 gallon (4L) jug or 2 1/2 gallon (2L) cartons. The powerful "MLR" Automatic Milk Line Rinsing system washes and blow dries the milk lines for exceptional hygiene. Green power light indicates power-on status.

    North America Power: 120 volts/200watts

    Dual Frother & Pump System The Top Milk XP has a newly designed frothing system utilizing high speed dual frothers and pumps. Besides faster milk output, if 2 milk cartons are used (one with skim and one with whole milk for example), milk can be drawn from one side to create a skim milk latte, from the other carton for a whole milk latte and equally from both cartons for a 2% latte!

    Three Product Delivery & 4-TEA Hot Water SystemThe Egro One's powerful dual boilers enable the barista to simultaneously steam milk, dispense hot water and brew espressos. Drinks can be stacked (or queued).The hot water outlet is equipped with Rancilio's 4-TEA hot-water temperature control system. This allows the user to program several different temperature outputs for the hot water nozzle, for different teas ( green, black, fruit, etc).

    One Touch True AmericanosThe optional Americano bypass allows for 1 step Americanos and long blacks by diverting hot water to the main dispensing spout. This Americano feature eliminates the need to manually add hot water to the espresso shot, making an Americanos a one-step drink at the touch of button.

    Brewing UnitThe Egro One utilizes a ultra-slim brewing unit; the most compact in its class. It also employs DURA-BREW technology, a patented sealing method that significantly reduces maintenance visits. In fact, Egro now has the longest service cycle in the industry, up to 4 times longer than many competing brands.

    Work Area LEDThe work area is illuminated with a multi-coloured LED, which increases aesthetics and makes it easy to see the machine's operating status.

    BLUE: machine is readyWHITE: dispensing drinksRED: machine is not readyGREEN: the wash/clean cycleElectronic Control Systems

    Electronic control of the boiler and water systemActive boiler management instantly predicts and responds to machine usage for unbeatable temperature stability, performance, and steaming power. In locations where available power is limited, the boiler can run on 2/3 of the normal power.Advanced diagnosticsAccurate troubleshooting can be done over the phone. The EASY-FIX self-diagnostic system can quickly diagnose machine problems without the aid of an on-site technician. This helps eliminate unnecessary service calls. Simply tell the technician the code readout to determine if a fault exists, saving time and money.Voltage StabilizerV-Flex is Rancilio's solution to varying incoming voltage, including fluctuations from 200 to 250 Volts. Voltage instability is a common problem that can cause abnormal machine behaviour.V-flex ensures the computer board is always fed the proper voltage.

  • Manufacturer Egro
    Manufactured in Switzerland
    Voltage 220 V
    Heating Power Steam N/A
    Heating Power Coffee N/A
    Peak Power (Watt) 6700
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm 58.5 x 30.5 x 79
    Colour Grey/Silver
    Body Material Stainless Steel, ABS Plastic
    Weight (kg) 86
    Boiler Material Stainless Steel
    Active Cup Warmer Seperate
    Element Control PID
    Portafilter type N/A
    Tamper Size N/A
    Volumetric Dosing Yes
    Pump Type Rotary
    Max Pump Pressure 15 Bar
    Operating Brew Pressure 9 Bar
    Backflush Capable N/A
    Heat up Time 30 mins
    Automatic Frothing Yes
    Boiler Capacity (Steam) 1.9
    Boiler Capacity (Brew) 0.5
    Boiler Layout Dual