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Free shipping on orders over $99.95 and coffee orders over $69.95 (milks, syrups & select coffees not included)

Epoch Chemistry Coffee - Epoch 3, Creativa Coffee District, Panama - Light Roast (250 g)

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  • Finca El Carmen has been producing coffee since the 1950's in the region of Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz Naranjo in Guatemala. This farm is located in the mountains that surround the beautiful Laguna del Pilo. The farm was acquired by Mr. Rigoberto Morales Santos in 1970, father of todays owner, Ivan Ricardo Morales.

    Today Rigo, Ivan's youngest son and agronomist graduated from Zamorano, has taken the lead with the farm and has taken big quality oriented steps with the farm. El Carmen has its own wet mill and drying patios, and it's looking to improve its processes year after year.

    • Origin: Guatemala (Single-Origin)
    • Region: Santa Cruz Naranjo, Santa Rosa
    • Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, toasted nuts, apricot
    • Roast Level: Medium Light
    • Cultivar: Pacamara
    • Elevation: 1300-1500 MASL
    • Producer: Ivan Morales
    • Process: Washed

    About Epoch Chemistry Coffee

    Epoch Chemistry started as a passionate endeavour in June 2020 to bring the best coffee to Atlantic Canada. What initially started as a dream of a cafe grew into an individual business model in coffee, focused on education and experience. Today, Epoch has a full roastery, two cafe locations, and a dedicated tasting room supported by a team of passionate coffee and business professionals. We believe specialty coffee should be approachable and fun, with a focus on circularity in our supply chains and to lead by example when it comes to ethical practices and sourcing.

    We roast in a Nordic style; meaning we like to keep the profiles light-medium, as opposed to what we can typically find here in the East Coast. The reason we roast lighter profiles is to highlight the flavours of the high quality single origin green coffee we order from importers. In our coffees, you'll find notes varying from chocolate, dried fruits, and nuts to mulled wine, tropical fruits, and candy.

    Sorry, coffee can only be delivered within Canada, due to FDA regulations.

  • Origin Guatemala (Single-Origin)
    Region Santa Cruz Naranjo, Santa Rosa
    Tasting Notes Milk chocolate, toasted Nuts, apricot
    Roast Level Medium Light
    Cultivar Pacamara
    Elevation 1300-1500 MASL
    Producer Ivan Morales
    Process Washed
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