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Firebat Coffee Roasters - Topacio (340g)

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  • Topacio is located in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec volcanic mountain range, which was declared as Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO due to its importance for biodiversity. 20 hectares of Topacio are conserved as native virgin forest, and on the remaining area of the farm the coffee grows among native forest. The trees provide essential shade for coffee to ripen slowly to its full sweetness while providing much needed habitat for the wild life.

    This is a naturally processed coffee. The coffee cherries were dried in full cherry for 3-4 weeks before de-pulping. This coffee makes a clean, full bodied cup with a mix of dynamic flavors such as guava, sweet orange and ripe stone-fruits. Read more about the different processing methods here!

    • Origin: El Salvador (single-origin)
    • Region: Ilamatepec, Santa Ana
    • Tasting Notes: Guava, orange, juicy
    • Roast Level: Medium-light
    • Cultivar: Pacamara
    • Elevation: 1700 MASL
    • Producer: Leo Muyshondt
    • Process: Natural


    Firebat Coffee Roasters believe they cannot add flavour or quality to the coffee. Their job is to carefully roast the beans to find the right spot to highlight the bean's potential flavours and showcase the producer's hard work. Their commitment is to preserve the quality achieved in the farming and processing stage.

    Find them in Oakville, ON.

  • Origin El Salvador (single-origin)
    Region Ilamatepec, Santa Ana
    Tasting Notes Guava, orange, juicy
    Roast Level Medium-light
    Cultivar Pacamara
    Elevation 1700 MASL
    Producer Leo Muyshondt
    Process Natural