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Kees van der Westen Spirit Triplette Crackle Black

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  • Description
  • Kees Van Der Westen machine is custom fabricated by order, superbly hand-crafted with only the highest mastery and finest materials.

    High performance, high precision, and highly customizable — these are the ideals that Kees van der Westen espresso machines are known for. Handcrafted in the Netherlands, this machine is an icon of thermal stability and industrial design. What began as a knack for making eye-catching art installations that also happened to serve espresso has evolved into a perfected science that delivers exceptional espresso as well as a show-stopping aesthetic — truly espressionistic works of art.The Spirit is a state-of-the-art espresso machine designed for high-volume environments serving coffee and a show. Its multiple boilers and conscientious ergonomics enable the knowledgeable barista to deliver perfect espresso exactly within the desired parameters. This machine takes the capabilities of the Speedster to even greater degrees of precision and power... Now, that's the Spirit!

    Standard Features

    • Multiple boiler set-up: one large steam boiler & each group has its own large independent coffee water boiler
    • Exposed groups with large dimension neck between boiler and group head
    • Coffee water boiler and group in stainless steel
    • Steam boiler with heat-exchangers in copper
    • One separate PID temperature controller for each coffee water boiler
    • Each coffee water boiler receives pre-heated water from its own heat-exchanger in the steam boiler
    • Fully saturated, self-bleeding groups, equipped with stainless steel solenoid valves
    • 2 external pumps: 1 pump providing brew pressure to groups, 1 additional pump to fill steam boiler, thereby injecting cold water into the hot water spout to maintain consistency
    • Adjustable temperature of hot water delivery
    • Filling of steam boiler never occurs simultaneously with hot water delivery to prevent temperature fluctuations
    • Smooth infusion with pressure automatically starting at low pressure, progressively building up to 9 bar
    • Real-life coffee boiler temperature indicated in direct sight under each group
    • Barista adjustable steam pressure, at front
    • 1 pressure gauge per group
    • Automatic group back-flush cycle
    • Each boiler can be switched off or on separately
    • POM dispersion plate, temperature neutral, non-dirt sticking
    • Long horizontal brew water path inside group from pick-up to dispersion
    • Drain tray easily adjustable in height
    • Progressive lever activation of steam valves
    • Illuminated rear panel
    • Frame in 3mm stainless steel only, powder coated in crackle black
    • Body in 3mm high grade aluminum

    Dose ControlBastone — a small lever next to the group is fitted. When the lever is activated the machine will pull a shot to one of two programmable volumes which can be selected with a switch under the lever. Shots can also be pulled in continuous mode with the button above the volume selector.

    Touch Pad — a five-button touchpad is placed next to the group. Volumes can be programmed to the baristas desired level or in continuous mode.

    Foot-activated Steam ValveAn optional foot pedal is available which improves the ergonomics and efficiency greatly. Purge and steam while keeping your hands free to pull shots, control milk pitchers and keep your bar clean.

    Adjustable RestrictorsRestrictors are a mechanical method of temperature control in a heat exchanger. The restrictor will regulate the flow of hot water being mixed with cool water to ensure the ideal temperature is achieved.

    Idro-maticThis adjustable progressive pre-infusion cylinder offers a wide variation of start-to-finish pressures to play with. This new system is retro-fitable to existing machines. Pre-infusion allows water to flow on to the coffee with less pressure to allow the coffee to expand before the full 9 Bar.

    Lungo OptimizationThe Spirit is dedicated to deliver the best possible espresso extraction. If you prefer lungo over espresso we can alter your machine to optimise the pre-infusion for lungo’s. This can be altered per group individually.

    PID Temperature Control The temperature in each and every boiler in our machines is controlled by a PID; an intelligent device that keeps the temperature curve as flat as it gets. PID’s allow for much more stable temperatures making for greater consistency in the shots pulled. It can be adjusted to display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

    Pitcher TrayAn adjustable plateau for resting steaming pitchers on while steaming. Available on the left- or right-hand side.

    Custom coloursThe body panels are available powder coated in a RAL colour of your choosing. Colours available glossy, semi-glossy or matte finish.

    Raw Body PanelsBrushed stainless steel body panels.

    Crackle Black Body PanelsThe high grade stainless steel body panels are finished with a crackle black powder coating. This rigid finish creates a striking contrast between the body panels and the high gloss parts.

    Pump Per Group HeadA pump can be fitted for each group head to allow for different brew pressures, higher volume usage, and individual water supply.


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