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La Marzocco Stainless Steel Leva X Espresso Machine

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  • Dedicated to the past with a vision for the future, the La Marzocco Leva rethinks the lever espresso machine. No longer must safety be compromised for a café to use lever technology. The lever group gives a line of sight to the captivating breakthrough mechanics. The Leva features groundbreaking design and technology in a mechanical, reliable, and user-friendly machine, reducing the force required to operate the machine by almost 50% compared to a traditional lever machine while also introducing a safety clutch system. The Leva makes it possible to adjust both the pre-infusion pressure and the maximum extraction pressure delivered by the lever piston, allowing personalized coffee brewing and consistent shots. The La Marzocco Leva X adds several features, including dedicated brew boilers per group and digital displays that provide live visualization of pre-infusion pressure, extraction pressure, and time throughout the shot. With over 2500 hours of testing, the Leva sets a new standard for reliability.


    • Independent Boilers - Separate boilers for each group head allow the barista to optimize temperature for individual coffees.
    • Smart PID - An advanced PID control greatly improves the machine's temperature stability.
    • Military-Grade Steam Potentiometer - Proportional steam valves facilitate machine usability and maintenance while improving its durability.
    • Dual Insulated Boilers - Separate boilers optimize espresso brewing and steam production. Boilers are insulated to reduce energy consumption while contributing to temperature stability. Set a different temperature for each group head, giving you precise control over extraction.
    • Dual PID - A PID controller employs an algorithm to regulate when and for how long the heating element is engaged in the boiler. Using a PID controller dramatically reduces temperature variability by precisely regulating the energy of the heating elements. With dual PID, both boilers use this system, ensuring a consistent brew temperature and stable steam pressure. The barista can adjust both boiler temperatures to a precise numerical value using the group keypad.
    • Hot Water Economizer - Enables the barista to fine-tune the tap water temperature for tea.
    • Eco Mode - Can be programmed to enter stand-by mode, improving energy efficiency.
    • Saturated Groups - Ensure unsurpassed thermal stability, shot after shot.
    • Exposed Groups - Improved ergonomics and workspace visibility.
    • Graphic Display - Intuitive programming makes it easy to adjust machine parameters.
    • Adjustable Drip Tray - Allows you to use the machine with tall, to-go cups.
    • Performance Touch Steam Wands - High performing steam wands that are cool to the touch.
    • Dedicated Pressure Gauges - Monitor pressure at coffee during extraction.
    • Portafilters & Precision Baskets - Stainless steel portafilters and precision baskets improve your cup quality and consistency.

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  • Manufacturer La Marzocco
    Manufactured in Italy
    User Manual User Manual
    Parts Catalogue Parts Catalogue
    Number of Groups 2 | 3
    Width 2 Groups: 80 cm | 3 Groups: 102 cm
    Height All Groups: 77.5 cm
    Depth All Groups: 64.5 cm
    Weight 2 Groups: 99 kg | 3 Groups: 129 kg
    Amperage 2 Groups: 30 A | 3 Groups: 50 A
    Voltage 240 V
    Power 2 Groups: 5700 W | 3 Groups: 7800 kg
    Coffee Boiler Capacity 2 Groups: 2 x 1.3 L | 3 Groups: 3 x 1.3 L
    Steam Boiler Capacity 2 Groups: 8.2 L | 3 Groups: 11.8 L
    Certifications UL-197, NSF-8, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 109
    Shipping Restriction This product can only be shipped within Canada.