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Free shipping on orders over $99.95 and coffee orders over $69.95 (milks, syrups & select coffees not included)

Newco 60:1 Single Coffee Brewer

by Newco
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  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Espressotec introduces the 60:1 Single Coffee Brewing System - A large scale brewing solution made easy. Simply plumb in the water supply, plug in the system, and turn it on! The 60:1 system will sense a dry probe and begin filling the tank automatically, it’s as easy as that. Once the water in the tank has reached the proper level, the element will automatically turn on and begin heating. In minutes, the correct brewing temperature will be reached, and you’re ready to brew!

    Features Include:

    • Touch Key Buttons customize your coffee type or container type using digital controls for volume control, pulse brewing, drain time and temperature
    • Programmable flow rate to adjust desired turbulence in the brew basket
    • Digital Time Display lets you know when the coffee will be done
    • Coffee Ready Light lets you know that you’re ready to brew
    • Brewing in 4.0L Vaculator
    • Brewer Signal alerts when coffee is ready
    • Brewing Light flashes to alert the user that the brewing is in process
    • Auto-Arm, our temperature sentry: will only allow brewing to happen at the correct temperature
    • Power Bar signals that brewer is “On”
    • Hot Water Faucet can deliver water at any time

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  • Manufactured By NewCo
    Power 120 V / 240 V
    Amps 11.7 / 14.6
    Brew Unit 1.9 L server / 2.5 L airpot
    Separate Hot Water Function Yes
    Programmable Flow Rate Yes
    Digital Time Display Yes
    Brew Signal Alert Yes
    Auto-Temperature Sentry Only brews at proper temperature
    Weight 20kg
    Height 80cm
    Width 40cm
    Depth 60cm
    Power Cord Included Yes
    Warranty Yes
    Shipping Restriction Shipping is only available within Canada.