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Free shipping on orders over $99.95 and coffee orders over $69.95 (milks, syrups & select coffees not included)

Oughtred Crest Coffee Roasters - Blindside Espresso (454g)

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  • Oughtred Crest Blindside Espresso is a new seasonal blend for those that appreciate a sweeter espresso with great clarity in its acidity. Blindside Espresso is roasted to a light/medium level accentuating its bright acidity, syrupy body and wonderful sweetness.

    • Origin: Ethiopia, Colombia
    • Region: Gorbota,Huila
    • Tasting Notes: Honey, caramel, stone fruit
    • Roast Level: Medium-light
    • Cultivar: Mixed Hierloom, Bourbon
    • Elevation: 1800 - 2100 metres
    • Producer: Waddessa Yachis, 6 Producers in the municipalities of Palermo, Oporapa and Acevedo.
    • Harvest: 2020
    • Process: Natural, washed, raised beds

    About Oughtred Crest Coffee Roasters

    In 1973 on beautiful British Columbia's Vancouver Island, John William Oughtred Sr. put down roots in the West Coast coffee industry, founding Oughtred Coffee & Tea. From these humble beginnings emerged a resounding family business that would one day stand tall in the coffee industry. Now in their second generation of ownership, the company stands proudly managed by John Sr.'s sons Michael and John Jr., expanding the vast global coffee network their father established.

    Maintaining the company's core principles, the sons now charge headfirst into the 21st century as global leaders and experts within their industry. They believe that drawing out the subtle nuances in coffee requires working closely with each partner in the supply chain. It's their passion to uncover the most expressive and flavourful coffee from around the world, curating the important relationships needed to deliver this experience along the way. Pouring generations of passion and experience into their craft, Oughtred's commitment is to great coffee from our table to yours.

    Find them in Delta, BC.

    Sorry, coffee can only be delivered within Canada, due to FDA regulations.

  • Origin Ethiopia, Colombia
    Region Ethiopia - Gorbota, Colombia - Huila region
    Tasting Notes Honey, syrupy, caramel
    Weight 454 grams
    Roast Level Light / medium
    Varietals Mixed Hierloom, Bourbon
    Elevation 1800 – 2100 metres
    Producer Small Lot Producers
    Harvest 2020
    Process Natural, washed/sun dried