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Rancilio Classe 7 S Commercial Espresso Machine


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  • A compact commercial performer with a powerful 4300 Watt element, the Rancilio Classe 7E (electronic/auto-dosing) 2-Group Compact is the right machine for medium-volume cafes, bistros, restaurants & roasting houses.

    The Classe 7 is a stylish and functional performer by Rancilio. It is an economical and efficient 2 group machine for many applications, with practical features. The Classe 7 generally has the performance of the Epoca and the looks of the high-end Classe 9. A compact 2 group version with a smaller boiler is available for very tight fits where space is at a real premium.

    The drip tray design includes removable sections that are constructed of high endurance scratch poof polymers and can easily be cleaned either by hand or in the dishwasher. The redesigned drip tray quickly removes and excess coffee thus keeping the bottoms of the cups perfectly clean.

    Classe 7 uses ergonomic lighting to enhance the baristas working area. The chrome grouphead covers and accents further enhance the Classe 7's distintive steam valve. The "Clever" steam valve allows you to steam milk effortlessly without any knobs to turn. The Clever's ergonomic handle has been designed for ease of use in multiple positions. Flip the "Clever" handle up to the auto-lock position which allows you to quickly steam and froth milk with maximum speed. From the neutral/off position turn the steam valve down a quarter turn and it opens completely for feathering or touching up steamed milk - giving the Barista maximum control. The Clever is currently standard on all Rancilio commercial espresso machines.

    A press of any of the four programmable delivery buttons provides an exact dose of espresso time after time, due to the use of accurate water meters coupled to the reliable electronic brain. The Rancilio Classe 6 is user-programmable for four different sized espresso shots on each group and with the addition of the manual on/off button is capable of covering every possible situation.

    Hot water is available at the press of a button. Rancilio's new patented optical boiler water level sensor is highly reliable and maintenance free. The boiler pressure gauge on the front panel is colour coded for easy viewing. The independent heat exchangers, element, boiler and many parts are the same as the rugged and reliable Rancilio Epoca.The exterior is nearly identical to the high-end Rancilio Classe 9 machines. Stainless Steel working surfaces, matte grey painted aluminum rear and side panels gives the Classe 7 a decidedly upscale look.The Rancilio Classe 7 looks great, is constructed with only the highest, premium high grade components for durability, and gives the coffee bar or restaurant on a tighter budget legendary Rancilio reliability and performance in a compact and stylish package!

    Electronic Features:The Rancilio commercial espresso machines are now fitted with EASY FIX. This feature allows the barista to quickly diagnose any problems that may arise without removing a panel! This cuts any downtime since there is no need to wait for a service technician to arrive.

    The Rancilio's onboard computer is already quite advanced by powering the element as soon as the hot water or steam valve is opened. The ABM (active boiler management) feature is one of the many features that make the Rancilio espresso machines "best inact up" when supplied with insufficient power.

    The Rancilio Classe 7 is now fitted with PLUG & BREW. This feature reduces programming time since you can simply plug into the onboard computer and upload your brew settings. This also ensures that each machine's brewing cycles are consistent in your cafe.

    Rancilio Classe 7 E Line-up Highlights


    • E.S.E. pod adapter kit available individually per group
    • Triple, pod, and bottomless portafilters available


    • Natural soft-infusion technology
    • 4 programmable shot sizes plus manual override per group
    • Ergonomic C-lever steam wand
    • 120 espressos/hour on each grouphead
    • 3 or 4 hole steam tips available


    • Precision grouphead temperature stability
    • Active boiler temperature and pressure management (ABM)
    • On board repair diagnostics (EASY FIX)
    • Voltage stabilization protects internal computer and controls (V-FLEX)
    • Class leading performance (4300-6000 Watts | 2 compact, 2 and 3 groups respectivly)

    NOTE: All Rancilio commercial espresso machines can be fitted to accept pods and or capsules. This provides the consistency and cleanliness of pods and capsules provided with the reliability of a commercial espresso machine.

  • Manufacturer Rancilio
    Manufactured in Italy
    Voltage 220V
    Heating Power Steam N/A
    Heating Power Coffee N/A
    Peak Power (Watt) 2700 / 6000
    Dimentions (L x W x H) cm 77/101 x 54 x 52
    Colour Anthracite black, Ice White
    Body Material Stainless Steel, ABS and nylon panels
    Weight (kg) 56 / 71
    Boiler Material Copper
    Active Cup Warmer Yes
    Element Control Temperature Sensor
    Portafilter type Standard
    Tamper Size 58
    Volumetric Dosing Yes
    Pump Type Rotary
    Max Pump Pressure 15 Bar
    Operating Brew Pressure 9 Bar
    Backflush Capable Yes
    Heat up Time 1 Hour
    Automatic Frothing Yes (optional)
    Boiler Capacity (Steam) 11 / 16
    Boiler Capacity (Brew) N/A
    Boiler Layout Heat exchanger
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