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Best Coffee Drinks to Make this Summer

Best Coffee Drinks to Make this Summer

Are you looking forward to the summer? Keep your cool with bright and refreshing coffees this season. Read on to create some enjoyable coffee drinks to help you chill this summer.

  1. Pour Over brew — With a Cool Twist!

    Pour Over is a fantastic way to brew a complex and delicate cup, and we love its versatility which makes it our go-to on any given day. We're enjoying summer (while it lasts) and pairing our afternoons with an Iced Pour Over, using one of our favourite recipes:

    • Rinse the Pour Over filter with hot water
    • Add 17g of coffee ground for the Pour Over into your filter
    • Pour 60ml of hot water every 30 seconds until you have poured 180ml
    • Let the brew drip through the filter for over 1 minute
    • At 3 minutes, take the filter cone off your coffee cup (the water should have just finished dripping through)
    • Add 60g of ice to your coffee and enjoy your delicious iced brew!
  2. Cold-Brew with Aeropress

    The AeroPress is a coffee icon known for its simplicity. Portable and lightweight, the AeroPress is a great travel companion and can brew a full-bodied cup wherever you are. Here is the cold brew coffee recipe from Aeropress:

    • Add 16g of ground coffee for an 8 oz serving
    • Add tap or room temperature water up to the number two mark
    • Stir briskly for 1 minute (don't skip this step!)
    • Press gently. Once you've finished, you can remove the ground coffee from your AeroPress and clean the device
    • Now add ice water to make an 8 oz (237 ml) cup of cold brew
    • You can add any milk or flavourings you like. Enjoy!
  3. Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee!

    Vietnamese iced coffee brings together the best of coffee and the goodness of condensed milk!

    Traditional Vietnamese coffee is rich, sweet, and strong. It's essentially a slow drip, similar to a pour-over. Here's how you make it:

    • Use a Vietnamese dripper, also known as the phin. It consists of a metal filter, a brewing chamber, an insert and a cap to store the heat
    • Place the dripper over a tall glass
    • When coffee begins to drip, add more water to make up the full brew weight
    • Place lid on the filter and let the coffee drip for about 3-4 minutes
    • Stir in condensed milk until blended. Add ice, stir, and enjoy!

What's your favourite cold or iced coffee? We'd love to know in the comments below!

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