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Coffee Trends the Internet is Buzzing About

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Coffee Trends the Internet is Buzzing About

Long, long, long ago (before social media) it took time and word of mouth for new ideas, trends and fads to gain traction. Now, a 60-second TikTok video can spread like wildfire in less than a day. Love it or loathe it, TikTok is the most talked-about platform, thanks in no small part to the combination of idle hands and a worldwide pandemic.

Dalgona Whipped Coffee

And that got us thinking about coffee fads and trends over the years, some of which (see iced coffee) have stuck around and become commonplace. Back to TikTok and the emergence of the pandemic’s big coffee fad; Dalgona coffee. With origins in South Korea in the 70s, Dalgona was a sweet treat sold by street vendors. Instant coffee, sugar and boiling water whipped into a thick froth and poured over hot or cold milk. Sales of instant coffee must have gone up because over 2 million TikTok fans have checked out the original video.

The Protein Coffee a.k.a Proffee

TikTok is also partially responsible for our next trend; proffee – basically combining a protein shake with espresso. Proffee is gaining some mainstream traction with endorsements coming in from the fitness community. Runner’s World magazine reports, “Proffee can be a convenient, quick way for runners to get the protein they need after a workout and start that important recovery process.”

Adaptogenic Coffee

Herbs and tinctures in your morning cup? Adding adaptogens to coffee is still in the under-the-radar category at the moment. Adaptogens are non-toxic plants, herbs and mushrooms touted to ward off emotional and physical stress. Coffee can mask the strong taste of some adaptogens, and coffee with nutty flavour notes can blend well with some of the earthier adaptogens.

Bulletproof Coffee

High fat, low carbs = the keto diet. Morning coffee on keto involves adding butter and sometimes coconut oil. As dedicated coffee lovers, we are a hard no on this one! Another social platform where coffee trends emerge is Pinterest, and the latest appears to be spicy coffee. Adding ingredients such as cayenne pepper, chipotle, and even habanero peppers to ‘heat up’ the brew. Right now on Kickstarter, startup Ujjo is fundraising to launch a line of hot sauces for coffee with the cheeky tagline, “throw some lava in your java”.

Iced Coffee Variations

What separates a fad from a trend is staying power, and that’s certainly the case for all things cold coffee. From iced lattes to cold brew, they’re not just a summertime refresher anymore. Simple twists on the iced coffee theme include espresso and tonic water over ice, the quinine in the tonic complements the acidity in the coffee. Another tangy combo to try on a hot day is iced coffee with a splash of lemonade. Substitute seltzer or club soda if you want to just taste coffee.

Only time will tell if we’ll be talking about Dalgona or proffee a year from now, and who knows what the next coffee fad might be…got any suggestions?

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