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PuqPress - A Valuable Tamping Tool For Baristas

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PuqPress - A Valuable Tamping Tool For Baristas

Tamping is an essential step while dialling in your espresso. Tamping can affect not only espresso extraction but also workflow and barista health.

Tamping and Consistency

You want to be able to control espresso flow by adjusting grind size, not tamping pressure. Therefore, achieving consistency in every tamp is key for a professional barista.

But, how hard should you tamp?

What is the ideal pressure to tamp?

This can be particularly challenging in cafés where there are multiple baristas. Different tamping methods can create different results leading to inconsistent coffee for the customer.

Tamping and RSI

Another issue with manual tamping is the possibility of repetitive strain injury (RSI) for baristas. Training staff to achieve a consistent tamp while avoiding injury can be challenging.

Let's walk you through an easy solution to manual tamping - the PUQ Press.

What is a PuqPress?

PuqPress is the world's first automatic coffee tamper. It is one of the fastest-growing tools for baristas in the coffee industry. The PuqPress is designed to reduce stress on your barista's joints and prevent repetitive stress injuries - all while improving workflow. Proven to achieve a perfectly flat tamp with unbeatable precision, the PuqPress promises reliable results each time.

It features an optimized design that encapsulates the two main features of a good tamp: consistency and care. This tool will help you save time, increase productivity and consistency in coffee service.

By removing the inconsistency of tamping between baristas, everyone from the newbie to the expert can produce a level and uniform tamp.

How to Tamp with a PuqPress?

Tamping with aPuqPress is quick and easy; you simply insert your portafilter filled with ground coffee, and the Puqpress automatically senses when it is in position and tamps.

Depending on which model you choose, there are options for how you want your Puqpress to tamp. You can set your PuqPress from a standard double tamp to a single tamp or even a more precice slower tamp.

The new updated design now works perfectly even with naked portafilters! You can adjust the tamping pressure to suit your preference.

The PuqPress is a cafe owner's ultimate quality control tool. Serving consistent coffee has never been easier!

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