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5 Accessories to Upgrade your Home Coffee Station on a Budget

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5 Accessories to Upgrade your Home Coffee Station on a Budget

Espresso Machine, Grinder, Coffee Beans… You're all set, right?

There's your espresso machine, taking pride of place on the kitchen counter – it's a beauty, and you're going to have years of caffeine joy ahead of you. We know you've made a significant investment in your primary equipment, so we thought we'd share some of our favourite tools and accessories to upgrade your home barista setup.

  1. Java Gear Macaron Distributor Espresso Tamper

    This one is a game-changer for anyone with wrist, elbow or shoulder aches and pains. Combining a leveller and a push tamp, this distribution tool is placed on top of the grounds in your portafilter basket and a simple spin results in an evenly distributed and tamped puck. Here's what satisfied customers have to say about the Macaron distributor tamper: "Totally changed my espresso shots, don't think I'll go back to a regular tamper." "My shots are consistent every time!"

  2. Java Gear Silicone Tamping Mat

    Protecting both your portafilter and your beautiful countertop from dents and dings, we couldn't live without this one! We'll admit that we used a folded dishtowel on the counter for years, but there's no comparison with the mat - especially when it's non-slip. The mat also gets bonus points for the indent to rest the tamper when not in use.

  3. Demitasse Cups

    The word Demitasse (dem-E-tas) is French for "half cup." It is quite literally half the size of a regular coffee cup, holding two to three ounces of beverage. We adore these cups for our espresso drinks – especially if you want to get the same 'espresso feels' the way French do! If you love making espresso drinks at home, then treat yourself to the whole elevated experience with demitasse cups.

  4. Cleaning Brushes

    One brush for the group head and one brush for the grinder – that's all you need. The Java Gear group head brush is angled to get into the nooks and crannies and eliminate the oils and coffee that cling to the group head. The Java Gear coffee cleaning brush keeps your grinder free of coffee residue, with soft bristles that won't damage the blades. Back in the day, the recommended way to clean a blade grinder was to grind up uncooked rice; be warned, that is the worst thing you could do to clean a burr grinder, and it could void your warranty!

  5. The Perfect Cup for Each Coffee

    Fun fact! In the birthplace of espresso, the National Italian Espresso Institute decrees that one and only one specific cup shall be used to serve an espresso: A white china cup, free of any inside decoration, elliptical in shape, with a capacity of 50-100 millilitres. We heartily endorse that one! Espresso cups are tapered at the bottom to allow the crema to float on top. It also allows the divine aroma of the coffee to reach your nose even before the first sip. If you are serving guests, there's nothing classier than a perfect little espresso cup and saucer. Expanding on your coffee repertoire, we also carry a complete line of cups designed for cappuccino, lattes, americano and flat whites.

There you have it, five coffee accessories that we couldn't live without. Is there a tool or accessory that you've come to love? Let us know because we're already starting to compile our next list!

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