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Office Coffee Subscription: Great Work Starts with Great Coffee

Office Coffee Subscription: Great Work Starts with Great Coffee

“66 percent of Canadians said they want to work in a hybrid model - splitting their time working remotely and in the workplace.” May 2021 Angus Reid survey.

The new normal is going to be different. The post-pandemic return to work will be a significant adjustment for both businesses and employees. However, will reconnecting with coworkers be motivation enough to make transitioning back to the office worth it?

Why Subscribe for Your Workplace

Perhaps some perks are in order - coffee, anyone? Or should we clarify: Good coffee? With over 40 locally roasted craft coffees at Roaster Central, there's a coffee subscription service to suit any business size. It couldn't be easier to set up online and start your delivery.

Start at the 'Shop Our Coffees tab,' explore our three different tiers; Crema, Aroma, and Bloom - the Office tier is designed to suit offices with 50+ employees. When you've made your choices and set up an account - you're done! We'll take care of the rest and deliver four bags of freshly roasted coffee to your door every two weeks. Of course, we want you to be able to enjoy our range of specialty coffee, so feel free to change your choices any time.

Say Goodbye to Subpar Coffee

As far as coffee brewing equipment in your break room, even if you've got a drip coffee maker, you'll be able to taste the difference with specialty coffee. Are you thinking of upgrading the office coffee setup? A super-automatic machine offers one-touch settings to make every coffee drink imaginable, from espresso and cappuccino to lattes and hot water for tea. Check out our super-automatic lineup here.

Whether your workplace is going for all hands on deck five days a week or adopting a hybrid model of home and office, nothing says “welcome back folks” better than offering your team a great cup of coffee. We'd love to help make that happen, so don't hesitate to call or visit us, and we can make some suggestions and answer any questions you may have about coffee subscriptions.

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