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Brew Guide - Automatic Coffee Brewers

Automated coffee drippers are the most popular brewing devices in the home market. They work by heating water and dispensing on top of a basket of ground coffee. There is a wide range of models at a variety of prices. If you see the SCA certified or Gold Cup Standard logo, you're in luck! That brewer was tested by the authoritative body on specialty coffee and found to have exceptional temperature stability (that means your coffee will taste better consistently).

What You Will Need

  1. Coffee filters. These will vary by brewer, the most common being Melitta cone or Melitta basket filters. If your machine has a built-in metal filter, you're ahead of the game!
  2. High-quality water. Filtered tap water will work great! Careful not to use distilled water; this doesn't have the enriching minerals that will make your coffee delicious.
  3. Ground coffee. Fresh ground is best. Your coffee begins oxidizing and losing flavor the second you grind it. Grinding fresh will allow you to preserve those flavors into your cup. In terms of grind size, we're generally looking for a medium to medium-coarse grind. 600-700 microns if you're a coffee super geek!

Step # 1 - Add That Water

Add your filtered cold or room temperature water to the reservoir. You might notice markings denoting cups. In standard practice, 1 cup of coffee is only 5oz with 1oz room for cream. We often like to deviate from this formula, so check out our brew recipe.

Step # 1 - Add Water

Step # 2 - Bean Dust Time!

Now add your (preferably fresh) ground coffee to your filter basket. Again, each brewer will have different instructions, so check out the brewing recipe for a little clarity.

Step # 2 - Bean Dust Time

Step #3 - Brew it Up!

Hit the brew switch on your machine. Some machines might have a variety of settings for temperature and strength. If they have a "gold cup" setting, use that. If no "gold cup" setting available leave it standard for your first brew and tweak as necessary. Remember, coffee is a personal experience.

Sit Back and Relax

Enjoy your coffee. Please take a moment to smell it, and truly taste the brew. If it isn't to your taste, think about some changes you could make next time. If your brewing machine has a "keep warm" feature, it can make your coffee bitter, so you might consider making a smaller brew to have a fresh cup every time!