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2023 New Year's Resolutions for Coffee Lovers

2023 New Year's Resolutions for Coffee Lovers

Ready or not, 2023 is almost here. With a fresh set of 365 days ahead of us, the possibilities for the new year are limitless. As is tradition, many use this opportunity to set new goals and explore different interests. For coffee lovers, Roaster Central wants to make 2023 your best brewing year yet, so we have put together an easy list of tasks to try.

  • 1. Try a New Bean

    Easy, right?
    Coffee beans vary between roasts, aromas, processing methods and flavour notes. These choices not only make trying new beans exciting but also intimidating. When you're a coffee lover, you tend to find the roast you like the most and stick with it. If that sounds like you, then this resulution is the first one you should pick. The flavour profiles between roasts create distinct tastes. Take a look at what you can expect when choosing a new roast.

    Picking a new flavour within the roast you like can help you explore new flavours without straying too far from your favourite mug.

  • 2. Learn How to do Latte Art

    If you like your coffee with milk, then a creamy latte topped with gorgeous art is one of the most pleasant sights. Your latte art wizardry boils down to some of the basics - the quality of milk, how you froth it, which wand you use, pouring techniques, and of course, your experience level.

    Our Barista Lab is where some serious coffee education begins! Click here to book your class.

  • 3. Reuse Coffee Grounds

    Coffee is good for more than just waking you up in the morning. Before you toss used grounds, find new ways to repurpose them. From using them as fertilizer to getting rid of odours and creating a bath scrub, there are many great and innovative ways to reduce coffee waste.

  • 4. Support Local

    Roaster Central is all about connecting with and supporting local coffee roasters. Our curated roster of specialty coffee comes from Vancouver and beyond. Most are small-batch roasters who are truly passionate about their craft. We also offer a coffee subscription service for home or office customized with your choice of fresh beans. Check out our current roaster lineup here.

  • 5. Spread the Love

    Often, the best thing you can do related to coffee is help others get into it, too! We all have that one friend who swears their allegiance to tea! So, this year, take the time to sit down with non-coffee drinkers and drink some coffee with them. Consider doing tastings together to help them educate on different flavour profiles. Take a coffee-tasting flight with us, and promise they won't regret it!

    Even better, invite them over to try that new bean you just bought and try it together.

Happy New Year!

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