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Elysian Coffee Roasters

Elysian Coffee Roasters

Elysian's story goes all the way back to 2000. It started simply with one guy searching for a good cup of coffee: he orders a cappuccino every day before work and sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad. What if the cappuccino was good every day? This thought and the love for good coffee resulted in opening the very first Elysian location, 5th and Burrard. For the first 10 years of the company, the focus was on learning the art of coffee and its quality. Elysian opened its own roastery in 2011. The next 10 years were spent learning about true leadership and how to make Elysian a better place to work at. We have a long history behind us. What is even more exciting is the never-ending learning and growth and new relationships and stories we are building along the journey.

Elysian Coffee


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