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Epoch Chemistry Coffee - Epoch 6, Toffee Lagoon, Brazil - Medium Roast (250 g)

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  • While the farm has long produced coffee for the commercial market, it has now shifted its focus exclusively to growing specialty coffee in response to the increasing demand and new generation of coffee farmers. Since 2019, this 120- hectare farm has been managed by two partners, Carlos Canellas and Matheus Avelar. Their shared vision was to transform this beautiful and productive coffee farm into a source of high-quality Brazilian coffees for the world to enjoy. The Natural Yellow Bourbon was carefully selected by our sorting team and then dried on a patio for 72 hours until it reached the ideal moisture content.

    • Origin: Brazil (Single-Origin)
    • Region: Carmo de Cachoeira
    • Tasting Notes: Toffee, caramel, peanut butter
    • Roast Level: Medium
    • Cultivar: Yellow Bourbon
    • Elevation: 1000 - 1100 MASL
    • Farm: Carmo de Cachoeira, Lagoinha
    • Annual Rainfall: 250 mm
    • Soil: Volcanic ashes
    • Process: Natural

    About Epoch Chemistry Coffee

    Epoch Chemistry started as a passionate endeavour in June 2020 to bring the best coffee to Atlantic Canada. What initially started as a dream of a cafe grew into an individual business model in coffee, focused on education and experience. Today, Epoch has a full roastery, two cafe locations, and a dedicated tasting room supported by a team of passionate coffee and business professionals. We believe specialty coffee should be approachable and fun, with a focus on circularity in our supply chains and to lead by example when it comes to ethical practices and sourcing.

    We roast in a Nordic style; meaning we like to keep the profiles light-medium, as opposed to what we can typically find here in the East Coast. The reason we roast lighter profiles is to highlight the flavours of the high quality single origin green coffee we order from importers. In our coffees, you'll find notes varying from chocolate, dried fruits, and nuts to mulled wine, tropical fruits, and candy.

    Sorry, coffee can only be delivered within Canada, due to FDA regulations.

  • Origin Brazil (Single-Origin)
    Region Carmo de Cachoeira
    Tasting Notes Toffee, caramel, peanut butter
    Roast Level Medium
    Cultivar Yellow Bourbon
    Elevation 1000 - 1100 MASL
    Soil Volcanic ashes
    Annual Rainfall 250 mm
    Process Natural
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