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Foglifter Coffee Roasters Drip - Finca Santa Clara Honey (340g)

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  • This coffee is sourced from Finca Santa Clara, the Zelaya estate farm established in 1930 in Antigua where meticulous rows of shade-grown coffee plants work their way up the mountainside to an altitude of 1800 MASL, offering pristine growing conditions for a range of varieties as well as breathtaking views of the city and its surrounding volcanos.

    The honey process of allowing the washed coffee to ferment and dry with its sticky, sugary mucilage intact imbues the beans with warmth and deep sweetness while maintaining a pleasant acidity and clean mouthfeel. This year, the Zelaya family invested in a new depulper that does not use water leaving more mucilage on the bean resulting in a sweeter, fruitier, cleaner cup. You will find all the notes you’ve loved in the past. We are tasting bright cherry, mellow, earthy chocolate and the aromatic sweetness of marzipan. It is a thrill to share this coffee with you this year.

    • Origin: Guatemala
    • Region: Antigua
    • Tasting Notes: Cherry, marzipan, dutch chocolate
    • Roast Level: Medium
    • Variety: Borboncito
    • Elevation: 1,550 - 1,890 MASL
    • Producer: Ricardo Zelaya Coffee
    • Soil: Volcanic soil
    • Process: Honey Process - depulped, dried on raised African drying beds

    About Foglifter

    Transplanted from East Vancouver to the trees overlooking Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island, Foglifter Coffee Roasters brings over 20 years in the coffee industry to their shift into roasting. We work with trusted importers to source coffees that complement our style and showcase the efforts of the producers. Resourcefulness, respect, and relationships guide us.

    Find them in Shawnigan Lake, BC.

    Sorry, coffee can only be delivered within Canada, due to FDA regulations.

  • Origin Guatemala
    Region Antigua
    Tasting Notes Cherry, marzipan, dutch chocolate
    Roast Level Medium
    Variety Borboncito
    Elevation 1,550 - 1,890 MASL
    Producer Ricardo Zelaya Coffee
    Soil Volcanic soil
    Shipping restriction This product can only be delivered within Canada
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