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Rancilio - 2-Way Solenoid/Electrovalve: 24V

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  • Description
  • Parker 2-way hot water electrovalve for newer model (2007+) Rancilio 220 volt Classe 8 & 10 commercial espresso machines. This is the OEM replacement valve for the Rancilio hot water economizer system, although they can be used in other suitable applications.
    The 24V fits the newer Rancilio Classe 8 and 10 machines, but check the coil on the existing valve to be sure. The 110 and 220V versions fit a variety of Rancilio machines including the S20 System, Techna and S20 Midi's.
    24V - 9W
    Part # RA 34.040.027
    Includes the two o-rings.
    Technician's Tip:On the Economizer machines the "hot water" temperature that is dispensed is controlled by 2 of these valves - one controls the steam flow (from the boiler), the other controls the water flow (cold water from the line). By adjusting a needle valve the flow of the water can be controlled and in turn this determines the temperature of the "steamed water" output. This is a much preferred system to direct boiler water, since it is always fresh water, not boiler water, that is being heated. If the temperature is not within range (lukewarm water or all steam) oftentimes one or the other solenoid valves are faulty. Occasionally the passages will be scaled up too, or yo may need to change the needle valve.