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New summer hours are now in effect! Espressotec is open 9:00 a.m. — 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and closed Sundays.
New summer hours are now in effect! Espressotec is open 9:00 a.m. — 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and closed Sundays.

Detour Coffee Roasters - Holiday Espresso - Medium Roast (300g)

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  • This year's Holiday Espresso combines Ethiopia Konga, a floral, citrusy and sweet-washed coffee. And a chocolatey and layered regional blend from Honduras called Cabanas from the Santa Barbara region.

    Ethiopia Konga

    Grown in the acclaimed Gedeo zone in the legendary Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia comes another classic washed coffee from the Konga hamlet. This is just one of those famous coffee areas we’ve adored. The area is known for coffees with delicate floral aromatics, tea-like textures and clean citrus-forward flavour profiles and this year's lot is no different. This specific lot is made up of regional local landraces that are grown by local smallholder farmers in naturally occurring semi-forested or garden conditions in the Gedeo Zone and processed at the Teshome Gemechu Washing station. Once handpicked at peak ripeness, the cherry is brought to the washing station to be washed, fermented for 48 hours and dried on raised beds for 20 days.

    Honduras Cabanas Washed

    Honduras Cabanas Los Planes is grown close to Los Planes in La Paz by farmers cultivating coffees and contributing them to the Cabanas Rise Series. The lot is a field blend of mostly Lempira, Catuai and Pache. It is washed and dried on raised African-style beds and circulated every 30 minutes for 15 days to ensure proper drying. The Cabanas Rise Series project is an effort to support smaller producing communities in their quest to improve coffee quality by purchasing larger volumes at premium prices. The series is a joint effort between our partner importer, Collaborative Coffee and the Paz family's Beneficio San Vicente in Honduras. The goal is to help these up-and-coming farmers in the Cabanas region by providing milling & logistic services and working with farmers on new strategies to improve farm-level practices and cup quality.

    • Origin: Ethiopia & Honduras (blend)
    • Regions: Los Planes, Cabañas, La Paz & Gedeo Zone
    • Tasting Notes: Cherry, sticky toffee, marmalade
    • Roast Level: Medium
    • Elevation: 1580 - 2150 MASL
    • Cultivar: Lempira, Catuai, Ihcafe 90 and Pache & Heirloom
    • Producer: Various Smallholders
    • Process: Various

    About Detour Coffee Roasters

    Detour was born in 2009 in a back alleyway in Dundas, Ontario. One of Canada's earliest specialty coffee roasters, the brand was built on the idea that coffee should be more than just mindless morning fuel. Our founder, Kaelin McCowan, believed that if he sourced and secured the highest quality green coffees in the world, and roasted fresh to order, people would fall in love with what's in the cup. Nearly a decade later our mission remains unchanged. We continue to strive to elevate coffee and act as industry leaders through ongoing experimentation and development.

    Specialty coffee has come a long way since our early days. Today the latest coffee trends pop up at an unfathomable pace. We're huge believers in ongoing innovation. But not just for the sake of chasing the latest fad. To us true leadership means charting our own path and staying true to the product and processes we believe in.

    Find them in Burlington, Ontario.

  • Origin Ethiopia & Honduras (blend)
    Regions Los Planes, Cabañas, La Paz & Gedeo Zone
    Tasting Notes Cherry, sticky toffee, marmalade
    Roast Level Medium
    Elevation 1580 - 2150 MASL
    Cultivar Medium
    Producer Muungano Cooperative
    Process Natural
    Weight 340 grams
    Shipping restriction This product can only be delivered within Canada
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