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Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers This Holiday Season

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Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers This Holiday Season

Are you ready for the holiday season? If you are still looking for that brew-tiful gift for the coffee lover in your life, look no further. At Espressotec, we've been busy putting together a holiday gift guide for you and all those coffee lovers in your life. We have everything from grinders to tampers and espresso machines to add a personal touch to your gift (and someone's beverage) this holiday season.

Hario Copper V60-02 Coffee Dripper

Hario Copper V60-02 Coffee Dripper- $105

If they're still in the "I want to get really into pour-over" stage of their coffee education, help them get into it. The Hario Copper V60-02 Coffee Dripper is a classic design and one that's favored by the pros. Made of solid copper and brass, it perfectly goes with the holiday season!

Product Details

Hario Black "FIT" Coffee Drip Kettle (VKF-120-MB) 1200ml

Hario Black "FIT" Coffee Drip Kettle - $128

Pour-over coffee is an art. No, a science. It demands practice, precision, and perfection. Hario's electric kettle makes pouring easier and more controlled thanks to the designed shape of the spout. Plus, its cool aesthetic is perfect for a minimalist.

Product Details

Eureka Mignon Perfetto Grinder

Eureka Mignon Perfetto Grinder - $879

The Eureka Mignon Perfetto coffee grinder is small and nearly silent, with 50mm hardened steel burrs and micro-metric adjustment. The touchscreen display is a stand-out feature making adjustment as easy as it should be. This is the one for you if you're looking for a compact, espresso-focused grinder.

Product Details

Rocket Appartamento Espresso Machine

Rocket Appartamento Espresso Machine - $2550

For any espresso lover who enjoys entertaining, the Appartamento will be able to keep up with the demand for hot espresso and milk-based beverages. The Rocket Appartamento is an edgy heat exchange machine with a temperature-stable E61 group head. Designed with small spaces in mind, it only lets you sacrifice a little counter space.

Product Details

Latte Art 101 Class - Gift Certificate

Latte Art 101 Gift Certificate - $75

Give a gift that keeps on giving — milk-steaming and latte art-pouring skills that even Michelangelo would covet! Buy a pair and learn to pour like pros with a friend, or enjoy a personalized lesson for up to five people. No experience is required!

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If we can get sappy for a moment, our greatest gift this year has to be your continued support, even in the unprecedented times. On our list, you all rank number one. Happy Holidays!

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