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Coffee and COVID

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Coffee and COVID

The numbers are really quite staggering; 80% of Canadians currently working from home want to continue to do so when the pandemic ends. That's the takeaway from public opinion polling company, Research Co, who conducted the online survey in December.

Wonder if we could even imagine that we'd feel that way back in March, as the toilet paper buying frenzy consumed the country, and many folks began the new commute from the kitchen to the couch.

From Zoom meetings (Josh, you're on mute!) to finally investing in a comfortable desk chair, we've adapted for the most part. We miss seeing our work mates in person, staff lunches, drinks on Friday night, and not surprisingly near the top of the ‘things we missed' list in 2020 was the morning coffee run on the way to work. Many die-hard coffee lovers didn't even own a coffee maker at home.

Hey, here at Espressotec we love our local coffee shops, and we hope that when you do have to head out, that you're stopping in to get one to go. But it's really been satisfying to guide new at-home brewers into discovering a coffee set-up that fits their needs. Some have started fairly simply with just a French press and a bag of locally roasted beans. When it's time to move up to an espresso machine, we'll be here with bells on!

We know there's a learning curve and a lot of new lingo involved in our coffee universe, but we're pretty darn passionate about sharing all of that, and that's why we're going to use the blog to educate, inform, discuss and share your thoughts on all things coffee.

So, cheers! Keep in touch,

Your friends at Espressotec

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